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This is Anil Chauhan from New Delhi, India. Highly motivated, self-starting developer seeking to launch a career building web applications and services. Familiar with development and deployment process for many web-based and linux-based technologies.

My Resume


Stella bot

Stella is built upon Pyrogram with the support of MongoDB. She is not only faster than most group management bots but also capable of handling several process at a time.

  • Python
  • MongoDB
  • API

wallsDox website

Built a wallpaper platform, where users can share their's wallpapers for android, desktop.

  • Css
  • Bootstrap
  • Python
  • Django
  • Cloudinary

Spotify userbot

This userbot updates the biography of a telegram user according to their current spotify playback. If no playback is active, the bot changes the bio back to the original one from the user.

  • Python
  • telethon
  • spotify api

Japaneses Songs Radio Sation Website

A website where people can listen japneses songs from many radio stations

  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Session maker bot

This bot can generate session string of pyrogram and telethon.

  • Python
  • Telethon
  • Pyrogram


I've worked with multiple technologies as a developer to develop & maintain my projects.

  • Python

    I’ve been using Python for the last four years and It’s my main programming language.
  • MongoDB

    I usually prefer to use mongodb in my projects.
  • SQL

    I can write SQL relational database query.
  • Redis

    I've been using redis for the last two years.
  • Scripting

    I have written dozens of Shell scripts for various purposes.
  • Git

    Git is a tool that I use every day. I use GitHub for pushing my code.
  • JavaScript

    I usually like to use javascript in web based projects and in APIs.
  • Cpp

    I have learnt DAS in cpp.

My Journey

In my journey to date, I have learned a great deal about development and life in general.

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